Over 30 years’ experience as a top-tier electrical and data contractor providing high-quality design, installation, and maintenance services to our clients.
Large Scale Construction
Prime is structured to conduct the largest electrical and data projects. Composed of an extensive design team, dedicated project management team and experienced site foreman, Prime is capable of delivering on a large commercial scale through an integrated approach
Over time, we’ve developed and honed a unique methodology of sequenced processes that enables us to consistently deliver to a high standard. By following a proven systematic approach, we’re able to deliver an organised and structured solution, our clients enjoy the resulting high-quality electrical and data outcomes.
Data, Communications and Structured Cabling
Prime is an industry leader in data and telecommunications, with over 30 years of experience Prime is responsible for the quality and flexible provision of in-field telecommunications services to more than 130 clients state-wide. We are a financially stable company giving us scope to tailor the best commercial offering possible with minimal risk. We offer innovative solutions that are well-considered and sustainable for the short and long term. Our approach to this opportunity will set all stakeholders up for success and will deliver on financial, risk, safety, and reputational objectives.
We provide care and high-quality telecommunications and data services to:
- Emergency Services state-wide
- Government Authorities
- University Campuses state-wide
We have a fleet of specialist vehicles equipped for telephone service, fibre optics, data cabling, electrical installations, security and MATV. Our electricians also have access to Fluke Data Testers, Fluke Fibre Testers, OTDR and a Thermal Imaging Scanners. We deliver first class services that are timely, efficient and cost-effective, giving our clients the freedom to dedicate more time and resources to provide excellence in their field and less time spent solving issues.
In-House Engineers & Drafters
Our team of in-house design engineers, BIM modellers and drafters are equipped with extensive knowledge to design and produce fit or purpose working solutions for all aspects of the electrical and communication installations throughout our large-scale projects. This enhances our approach to full design and construct projects, as well as working on consultant designs to identify cost saving opportunities via constructible and engineered solutions.
We offer specialist power and communication design capabilities including:
- Detailed drafting and 3D modelling work up to LOD500
- As-Built drawings in standard AutoCAD or in BIM
- Design and documentation reviews to cover Australian Standards, building codes and regulatory requirements
- Accurate sizing of power and communication infrastructure